Top 3 Best Performing Barcelona Players for La Liga season 2016-2017

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By M. Kolev
10 OCTOBER 2016

Which are the top 3 Best performing Barcelona players for season 2016-2017?

In a team like Barcelona is very difficult to precisely determine which are the top 3 best performing players for this current season because all of the players are giving their best for the team.

The three best performing players are arranged by their average rating per match. The rating is formed by the statistics for appearances, minutes, goals, assists, key passes per match, average passes per match, passing accuracy, long balls, through balls per game and crosses per match.

The top 3 Best performing players according to their match rating

1. Neymar – 8.19
2. Lionel Messi – 7.89
3. Sergi Roberto – 7.76

On the first place is Neymar with 8.19 rating in 5 appearances, 450 minutes. He has achieved to score 4 goals has 1 assist, 1.8 key passes per match, 42 average passes per game, 75% passing accuracy, 1.4 crosses per match, 1.8 long balls per game and 0.2 through balls per game.

The second place is for the 5 times winner of the FIFA Ballon d’Or Lionel Messi with a rating of 7.89 for 4 matches plus 1 from the bench and 360 minutes of match play. He has scored 4 goals, has 2 assists, 2 key passes per match, 43 average passes, 79% passing accuracy, 2.6 long balls and 0.2 through balls per game.

The third place is for Sergi Roberto with a rating of 7.76. He has 5 appearances and played 450 minutes. He achieved until now a total of 4 assists, 64 average passes per match, 85% passing accuracy, 1 cross per game and 2.4 long balls per match.

We should consider that after his great performance, Leo Messi is currently injured and has missed 2 matches.

The present statistics are made for the first 7 rounds of the La Liga season 2016-2017. There is a plenty of time for the statistics to change and until the end of the season, we are not going to be able to withdraw a final summary for the top 3 best performing Barcelona players for the current season.

Let’s wish them luck and success for achieving their goal of winning the title.